Venetian Pastry with Almond Cream

Dec 14, 2016

Venetian Pastry with Almond Cream

For the dough
460W flour
1000 g
Wheat sourdough
250 g
Raw cane sugar
250 g
270 g
Egg yolks
320 g
Baker's yeast
40 g
20 g
210 g
Orange zest
3 g
2 g

Combine the flour, sourdough, baker’s yeast, sugar and water, knead and slowly add the yolks and Risolì in small quantities. Finally, add the vanilla, orange zest and salt. Leave the dough to rest at room temperature for 1 hour, divide into 50 g portions, roll into balls and lay on the baking tray. Leave to rise for approximately 3 hours, fill with the cream and decorate with the almonds and sugar. Bake at 170°C for around 18 minutes.

For the almond pastry cream
Almond milk
500 g
150 g
Egg yolks
150 g
Corn starch
18 g
Rice starch
18 g
50 g
Amaretto liqueur
30 g
1 g

Bring the almond milk to the boil and pour into the yolks whisked with the starches, sugar and vanilla. Mix and thicken, removing from the heat, then mix in the Risolì and add the liqueur. Leave to cool.

For the almond milk
800 g
Almond flour
120 g
Bitter almond flour
1,5 g

Blend the almond flours with the water and filter.

For the topping
Almonds cut into strips
Sugar sprinkles
Icing sugar

45 pieces

170°C for 18 minutes

1 day at room temperature

1 month