GLF quality is certified by independent assessment bodies. ISO 9001 is not just a quality management system, but it represents a concrete tool for managing our company processes and work flows, in the context of continual improvement.

Quality also means nutritional safety, which has always been a key focus. This is why we have taken a proactive approach, adopting Global Food Safety Initiative recognised standards and obtaining BRC Food and FSSS 22000 certification.

We believe in social responsibility and that sourcing should be carried out with full respect for ethical and environmental principles. This is also why we are members of the leading associations guaranteeing sustainability of raw materials purchased:

  • We have been a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since March 2007. We maintain the standards it sets as a primary objective and we require all of our palm oil suppliers to also be members and to observe the principles and criteria established by this organisation. The RSPO finances projects which aim to promote and define criteria both for the conversion of tropical forests into palm plantations and for the protection and conservation of the identities of local populations.
  • We use and sell cocoa certified by UTZ, an organisation which promotes a programme for sustainable agriculture throughout the entire supply chain and helps to develop optimum cultivation practices and improve conditions for workers and their families, whilst also ensuring environmental protection.

We also pay careful attention to all different cultural and nutritional groups, developing our products with a long-term perspective. It is important for us to also meet the needs of Jewish and Muslim consumers, obtaining KOSHER and HALAL ethical certifications.