What is Risolì?

When pleasure meets well-being

Risolì originates from a combination of Unigrà’s consolidated experience in the field of vegetable oils and fats and the great creativity and mastery of renowned pastry chef Luca Montersino, the most famous Italian pastrystar in the world. His pastry work is based on the principle that great patisserie flavour doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, and this is the basis of the collaboration that has created Risolì.
Risolì allows pastry chefs and restaurant kitchens to meet modern nutritional trends with high-quality products. It does not contain derivatives or traces of milk or gluten, and it represents a high-quality 100% vegetable fat, produced with rice oil, cocoa butter and extra-virgin olive oil.

It isn’t sweet goods that are the enemies of good health, but it is the quality of ingredients and poor attention to nutritional and calorific values”.

Limited and simple ingredients make Risolì a butter alternative with unique qualities:


With an innovative mix of carefully selected, fine vegetable ingredients, Risolì has unique technical characteristics and guarantees results that fit perfectly with the great tradition of artisan pastry work. Risolì is therefore the ideal product for sector professionals dedicated to meeting the growing needs of customers who are focused on healthy nutrition, while also delighting the palates of vegans and vegetarians and consumers with milk allergies.
Risolì is a versatile, easy-to-use product. It is suitable for both sweet and savoury preparations and can substitute butter in any recipe, without altering process or proportions, guaranteeing excellent results.