The food sector is undergoing a huge transition.
GLF is taking this challenge very seriously, with the goal of offering an increasingly wide range of products aligned with constantly shifting trends:

  • recipes that guarantee reduced content of “bad” components such as sugars, saturated and trans fats and salt, and increased “good” components such as omega-3, fibre and vitamins, without affecting the aroma, taste or appearance
  • products with increasingly “clean” labels, through elimination of additives and the use of natural colourings and flavourings, for example
  • products free from allergens, such as soya, lactose, gluten and nuts

GLF’s approach is based on three fundamental values:

Product innovation in terms of style and sourcing of ingredients

Solutions that feed the desire to experiment, to discover new techniques or invent new styles with the support of easy-to-use products.

Cutting-edge outlook
High-quality products and raw materials, able to satisfy tastes and market trends.

The GLF range includes numerous product lines:

  • margarines,
  • melanges,
  • non-dairy creams,
  • chocolate,
  • compound chocolate,
  • spreadable creams,
  • water-based creams,
  • mirror glazes,
  • sugar pastes for modelling and coating,
  • pastry and bread mixes.

The newest addition to the IFS range is Risolì, a 100% vegetable alternative to butter designed in collaboration with the master pastry chef Luca Montersino, ideal for both sweet and savoury applications in pastry and restaurant contexts. A high-quality response to the demand from an ever-growing consumer target that prefers vegetable-based products, for day-to-day treats without compromising healthy eating.